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Assembly & Procurement Enquiry Format Requirements 

We welcome enquiries for PCB assembly, whether for assembly of free issue parts or for supply of your Bill of Materials (BOM).  We have a team of experienced costing technicians waiting for your BOM pricing request. 

We have accounts with all the major global component suppliers and distributors. We buy in bulk and the volume of our purchasing gives us enhanced pricing terms which we pass on to our clients.

How we price your BOM

We have developed some very efficient tools for pricing. Send your BOM as an Excel spreadsheet.  We directly load an Excel format BOM template into our automated BOM pricing tool. 

This searches online against each line of your BOM for part equivalence, availability, and best pricing.  If the supplier or manufacturer part numbers are clear, then the search tool will return accurate results. 

Any ambiguous part numbers are flagged for manual intervention and research. 

How long BOM Pricing Takes

We aim to turnaround BOM pricing within 2 to 4 working days of receiving your BOM. Typically, 90% of the parts can be priced in this way very quickly, but we depend on timely supplier response for pricing the last few rare or bespoke items.

Consequently, we cannot give a definite undertaking on quote turnaround times, apart from our assurance that we will complete pricing as soon as we can.



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Format for a BOM Quote

BOMS for quotation just need each line to identify the total number of each part type required and thus will be a much shorter document. It will be easier to handle and quicker to price. 

The most important columns on a BOM will show the component manufacturer and the manufacturer's part number. That is all we need to identify the component and it is this number with which we search across multiple part databases.  Additionally, in order to cross reference the item, it can be helpful to have the Farnell, Mouser or Digikey distributor part number, but these are of course specific to a particular distributor. As a back-up, a part description is also helpful. 

Whilst we price your BOM, we will be taking note of any hard to find parts, long lead-times, or obsolescence. We will liaise with you about any of these issues that reflect on our ability to manufacture your product.  We will respect your instructions to use specific distributors or manufacturers, and we will suggest alternative parts and sourcing if significant savings are possible. 

If your BOM is in PDF format, please convert it into Excel spreadsheet format before you send it.  We can do the PDF to Excel conversion, but we would rather never see a BOM in xls format in the first place.

If you require us to procure your bare PCB’s for you then please send your gerbers with your BOM as a zip file.